Assembly Secretariat


Sr. No. Photo Name & Place of Sitting Designation & Work Allotted Phones & E-mail


Sh. Gian Chand Gupta

Hon’ble Speaker




Sh. Ranbir Gangwa

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker


Fax- 0172-741663 (O)

3. Sh. Rajender Kumar Nandal
70, First Floor


Fax 0172-2741633

4. Subash Sh. Subhash Chander
First Floor
Additional Secretary
(i) Working as Secretary to Hon`ble Speaker
(ii) Chief Vigilance Officer
0172-2741523 (Ext 105) (O)
5. Naren Sh. Naren Dutt
123-124, 2nd Floor
Joint Secretary
(i) Computer Branch
(ii) Legal cell/Court cases
(iii) Public Undertakings Committee
(iv) Designated as Nodal officers in court cases
0172-2741523 (Ext 206) (O)
6. Rathi Sh. S.D. Rathi
123-124, 2nd Floor
Deputy Secretary
(i) Loans & Pension Branch
(ii) Privileges Committee        (iii) Link Officer for cases relating to Medical Cell      and  Pension & pay fixation cases put up by the Establishment Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext 201) (O)
7. Dinesh Sh. Dinesh Kaushik
123-124, 2nd Floor
Deputy Secretary
(i) Drawing and Disbursing Officer
(ii) Estimates Committee
(iii) Bill Branch
(iv) Payment Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext 207 ) (O)
8. Purushottam Dr. Purushottam Dutt
123-124, 2nd Floor
Deputy Secretary
(i) CA/TA Branch
(ii) Public Accounts Committee
(iii) 1st Appellate authority under RTI Act.
(iv) Designated as Nodal officer under RTI Act, 2005
0172-2741523 (Ext. 205) (O)
9. Gaurav

Sh. Gaurav Goyal
Ground Floor

Deputy Secretary
(i) Questions Branch
(ii) Translation Branch
(iii) Committee on Gov. Assurance
0172-2741523 (Ext. 119) (O)
10. Pardep Smt. Pardeep Kaur
Ground Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Research & Conference Branch
(ii) Subject Committee on Education, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education and Health Services.
0172-2741523 (Ext. 303) (O)
11. img Sh. Vishnu Dev
Ground Floor

Secretary to Hon`ble Speaker
(Working as Under Secretary)
(i) Legislation Branch
(ii) Committee on Subordinate Legislation
(iii) Rules Committee
(iv) Petition Committee
(v) Anti Defection Law

0172-2741523 (Ext.108) (O)
12. Mukesh Sh. Mukesh Gupta
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary (Debates)
(i) MLA’s Hostel Branch
(ii) House Committee
(iii) EPABX staff;
(iv) General Branch
(v) Technical Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 202) (O)
13. Kanwar Sh. Kanwar Singh
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Establishment Branch
(ii) Committee on SC/ST & BC
0172-2741523 (Ext.203) (O)
14. saroj1 Smt. Saroj Kumari,
70, 1st Floor
Under Secretary
(i) PS to Secretary
(ii) Library Branch .
(iii) Medical Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 104-107) (O)
15. mahesh1 Sh. Mahesh Kumar
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Subject Committee on Public Health,
Irrigation and Power
(ii) Chamber Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 202) (O)
16. Pushpinder1 Sh. Pushpender
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Subject Committee on
Local Bodies & PRI
(ii) Notice Office Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 204) (O)
17. shobhit1 Sh. Shobhit Sharma
Ground Floor
Senior Law officer
(i) Protocol and Coordination Cell
(ii) Designated as SPIO under RTI Act
0172-2741523 (Ext. 132) (O)
18. Ankit Sh. Ankit Dhull
125, 2nd Floor
Committee Officer
(i) Questions Branch
(ii) Committee on Govt. Assurances
0172-2741523 (Ext.210) (O)
19. Kulbir Sh. Kulbir Singh
128, 2nd Floor
Law Officer
Establishment Branch



0172-2741523 (Ext. 225) (O)
20. Sandeep Sh. Sandeep Nandal
(i) Protocol Branch
(ii) Reception Branch
(iii) Security Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.132) (O)
21. Tejpal Sh. Tej Pal Rathee
128, 2nd Floor
Public Relations Officer
(i) Work relating to RTI
(ii) Designated as SAPIO under RTI act
0172-2741523 (Ext. 215) (O)
22. Sunil Sh. Sunil Kumar
129, 2nd Floor

System Analyst
(i) Computer Section
(ii) Nodal Officer for E-gazette
(iii) Technical Nodal Officer for HRMS
(iv) Nodal Officer for CM/PM Window

0172-2741523 (Ext.129) (O)
23 RS Sh. Rajendra Singh
126, 2nd Floor
Editor of Debates
Publication Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.212) (O)
24. jagtar1 Sh. Jagtar Singh
125, 2nd Floor
Account Officer
Pension & Pay fixation Cases
0172-2741523 (Ext. 209) (O)
25. Rajender Sh. Rajinder Panchal
70, 1st Floor
Editor of Debates
PS to Hon`ble Deputy Speaker 
0172-2741523 (Ext. 103) (O)
26. Naveen Sh. Naveen Jakhar
130, 2nd Floor
Liaison Officer
(i) Chamber branch
(ii) Subject Committee on Public Health, Irrigation ,Power & Public Work.
0172-2741523 (Ext. 221) (O)
27. Sanjeev1 Sh. Sanjeev Kumar
125, 2nd Floor
Public Undertaking Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 210) (O)
28. Rupinder Smt. Rupinder Kaur
135, 2nd Floor
Bill Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 227) (O)
29. Harinder1 Sh. Harinder Pal
128, 2nd Floor
Anti Defection Law
0172-2741523 (Ext.129) (O)
30. Rajan Sh. Rajan Kumar
(i) Committee on Local Bodies & Panchayati Raj Institution
(ii) Translation Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 404) (O)
31. Gurbaj1 Sh. Gurbaj Singh
132, 2nd Floor
Legislation Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.224) (O)
32. Mahinder1 Sh. Mahender Singh
127, 2nd Floor
Loan & Pension Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 214) (O)
33. Ved Sh. Ved Pal
131, 2nd Floor
General Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 222) (O)
34. Sh. Rajender Kumar
2nd Floor
Committee on welfare of SC/ST & BC
0172-2741523 (Ext. 402)
35. Sh. Subhash Jakhar
2nd Floor
Public Accounts Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 220) (O)
36. Ravinder Sh. Ravinder Parmar
2nd Floor
Petition Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 219) (O)
37. Sh. Sandeep Kumar 
129, 2nd Floor
Assistant Engineer
Technical Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext.219) (O)
39. Sh. Vikram Singh
2nd Floor
Deputy Superintendent
Subject Committee on Education, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education and Health Services.
0172-2741523 (Ext. 210) (O)
40. Sh. Vinay Kumar
128, 2nd Floor
Law Officer
(i) Legal Cell
(ii) Privileges Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 216) (O)
41. Sh. Rajpal
134, 2nd Floor
Deputy Superintendent
CA/TA Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 226) (O)

Sh. Nishan Singh


Assistant Reception Officer
Notice Office Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 304) (O)
43. Sandee Sh. Sandeep Sharma
Deputy Marshal
W.W.O Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.405) (O)
44. Sh. Rakesh Kumar
135, 2nd Floor
Deputy Superintendent
Payment Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext.135) (O)