Accommodation for Members at Chandigarh

Only 40 rooms in the Legislator’s Hostel in Sector-3, which is commonly known as the New Legislator’s Hostel are placed at the disposal of the Speaker, Haryana Vidhan Sabha for the days of the Session. The remaining 16 rooms in the New Legislator’s Hostel are with the Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Each member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha is requested before each Session to intimate the name of another Member with whom he wishes to share accommodation.

All applications received upto the date specified asking for accommodation are placed before the Speaker/House Committee which allots accommodation, as far as possible, in accordance with the wishes of the Members. Those who do not apply within time may get accommodation, subject to availability.

The Members are charged a concessional rent of Rs. 50 per room per day of 24 hours or less. This rent is inclusive of water, electricity and telephone charges. In case a Member desires an additional room, the rent for the said room will be charged @ Rs. 200 per day. Further, if a Member, desires more than two rooms, the rent for the said rooms i.e. in addition to two rooms shall be charged @ Rs. 500/- per room per day.

The rent for the rooms may be paid by the Members in cash with the official in the Hostel; but if that is not done it is to be deposited in cash, by cheque or through D.D. in favour of Assistant Controller (F&A) rents, Chandigarh Administration, Chandigarh at their own level. Catering is done in the Hostel throughout the year by the Hospitality Organization of the State Government and their tariffs have been approved by the House Committee of the Vidhan Sabha. The charges for board are payable in cash on the spot.

During the inter-session periods, Members can get accommodation there when they come to Chandigarh for attending meetings of the Committees of the Vidhan Sabha or for any other purpose without prior application. A number of rooms are reserved for them for their occupation for such occasions.

For the convenience of the Members a EPABX has been installed in the Hostel and telephone extensions have been provided in each of the rooms meant for the use of MLAs only; Canteen, Dispensary as well as in the Reception. This facility is provided for local calls only.