Assembly Secretariat

Sr. No. Photo Name & Place of Sitting Designation & Work Allotted Phones; E-mail


Sh. Gian Chand Gupta

Hon’ble Speaker

Ph. – 0172-2740030


Sh. Ranbir Gangwa

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker

Ph. – 0172-2741662
Fax- 0172-741663 (O)
3. Sh. Rajender Kumar Nandal
70, First Floor
Secretary Ph. – 0172-2740785
Fax 0172-2740430
4. Purushottam Dr. Purushottam Dutt
First Floor
Additional Secretary
(i) Secretary to Speaker
(ii) Committee on Public Accounts.
(iii) Nodal officer and 1st Appellate authority under RTI Act, 2005
0172-2741523 (Ext. 105) (O)
5. Dr. Satish Kumar
123-124, 2nd Floor

OSD to Speaker
(i) OSD to Hon`ble Speaker  
(ii)Establishment Branch
(iii)Committee on Privileges  
(iv)Nodal Officer for HRMS  
(v)Committee on Violation of Protocol Norms and Contemptuous Behaviour of Government Officers with Members of Haryana Vidhan Sabha  

0172-2741523 (Ext. 207) (O)
6. Naren Sh. Naren Dutt
123-124, 2nd Floor
Joint Secretary
(i) Computer Branch
(ii) Public Undertakings Committee
(iii) Publication Branch
(iv) Designated as Nodal officer in court cases
0172-2741523 (Ext 206) (O)
7. Rathi Sh. S.D. Rathi
123-124, 2nd Floor
Deputy Secretary
(i) CA/TA Branch
(ii) Translation Branch
(iii) Subject Committee on Public Health, Irrigation Power and Public Works
(iv) Designated as alternate Nodal Officer in Court cases
(v)Link Officer for Pay fixation and Pension cases during leave period of Shri Jagtar Singh, Under Secretary
0172-2741523 (Ext 201) (O)
8. Dinesh Sh. Dinesh Kaushik
123-124, 2nd Floor
Deputy Secretary
(i) Drawing and Disbursing Officer
(ii) Estimates Committee
(iii) Bill Branch
(iv) Payment Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext 203 ) (O)
9. Gaurav

Sh. Gaurav Goyal
123-124, 2nd Floor

Deputy Secretary
(i) Questions Branch
(ii) Committee on Govt. Assurances

0172-2741523 (Ext. 204) (O)
10. Pardep Smt. Pardeep Kaur
Ground Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Research and Conference Branch
(ii) Subject Committee on Education, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education and Health Services.
0172-2741523 (Ext. 303) (O)
11. img Sh. Vishnu Dev
Ground Floor
Secretary to Hon`ble Speaker
(Working as Under Secretary)
(i) Legislation Branch
(ii) Committee on Subordinate Legislation
(iii) Rules Committee
(iv) Anti Defection Law
0172-2741523 (Ext.108) (O)
12. Mukesh Sh. Mukesh Gupta
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary (Debates)
(i) MLA’s Hostel Branch
(ii) House Committee
(iii) General Branch
(iv) Technical Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 202) (O)
13. Kanwar Sh. Kanwar Singh
Ground Floor

Under Secretary
(i) Medical Claim Branch
(ii) Committee on Welfare of SC/ST and BC
(iii) Library Branch

0172-2741523 (Ext.119) (O)
14. Sh. Pushpender
123-124, 2nd Floor
Under Secretary
(i) Petition Committee
(ii) Notice Office Branch
(iii) Loan and Pension Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 205) (O)
15. shobhit1 Sh. Shobhit Sharma
Ground Floor
Senior Law officer
(i) Protocol and Coordination Cell
(ii) Legal Cell
(iii) Designated as SPIO under RTI Act
0172-2741523 (Ext. 132) (O)
16. Sunil Sh. Sunil Kumar
129, 2nd Floor
Senior System Analyst
(i) Computer Section
(ii) Nodal Officer for E-gazette
(iii) Technical Nodal Officer for HRMS
(iv) Nodal Officer for CM/PM Window
0172-2741523 (Ext.219) (O)
17. jagtar1 Sh. Jagtar Singh
125, 2nd Floor

Under Secretary
(i) Committee on Local Bodies & Panchayati Raj Institutions
(ii) Pension and Pay fixation Cases
(iii) Chamber Branch

0172-2741523 (Ext. 133) (O)
18. Ankit Sh. Ankit Dhull
125, 2nd Floor
Committee Officer
(i) Questions Branch
(ii) Committee on Govt. Assurances
0172-2741523 (Ext.210) (O)
19. Kulbir Sh. Kulbir Singh
133, 2nd Floor
Law Officer
(i)Privileges Committee
(ii) Anti-Defection Law Branch
(iii) Establishment Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 209) (O)
20. Sandeep Sh. Sandeep Nandal
(i) Reception Branch
(ii) Security Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.132) (O)
21. RS Sh. Rajendra Singh
126, 2nd Floor
Editor of Debates
Publication Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.212) (O)
22. Sh. Mahendra Kumar Apreja
127, 2nd Floor
Editor of Debates
Translation Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 214) (O)
23. Sh. Rajinder Panchal
70, 1st Floor
Editor of Debates
PS to Hon`ble Deputy Speaker
0172-2741523 (Ext. 103) (O)
24. Sh. Sandeep Kumar
131, 2nd Floor
Technical Cell
Assistant Engineer
0172-2741523 (Ext. 111) (O)
25. Naveen Sh. Naveen Jakhar
130, 2nd Floor
Liaison Officer
RTI Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 221) (O)
26. Sh. V. S. Chaudhary
Liaison Officer
(i)Medical Claim Branch
(ii)Protocol & Coordination Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 404) (O)
27. Sanjeev1 Sh. Sanjeev Kumar
128, 2nd Floor
Public Undertaking Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 129) (O)
28. Gurbaj1 Sh. Gurbaj Singh
132, 2nd Floor
Legislation Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.224) (O)
29. Ved Sh. Ved Pal
131, 2nd Floor
General Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 222) (O)
30. Sh. Rajender Kumar
135, 2nd Floor
Committee on welfare of SC/ST and BC
0172-2741523 (Ext. 227) (O)
31. Sh. Sultan Singh
128, 2nd Floor
Subject Committee on Education, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education & Health Services
0172-2741523 (Ext. 129) (O)
32. Sh. Subhash Jakhar
2nd Floor
Public Accounts Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 220) (O)
33. Ravinder Sh. Ravinder Parmar
(i)Chamber Branch
(ii) Subject Committee on Public Health, Irrigation, Power & Public Works
0172-2741523 (Ext. 408) (O)
34. Sh. Vikram Singh
Payment Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 411) (O)

Sh. Yadvinder Yadav
First Floor

Private Secretary to Secretary

0172-2741523 (Ext. 104)(O)
36. Sh. Harish Kumar
Law Officer
Legal Cell
0172-2741523 (Ext. 408) (O)
37. Sh. Rahul Dev
Committee Officer
(i) Bill Branch
(ii) Estimate Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 410) (O)
38. Sh. Satyender Yadav
125, 2nd Floor
Committee Officer
Petition Committee
0172-2741523 (Ext. 209) (O)
39. Sh. Rajpal Singh
134, 2nd Floor
CA/TA Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 226) (O)
40. Sh. Parveen Kumar
135, 2nd Floor
Committee on Local Bodies and Panchayati Raj Institutions
0172-2741523 (Ext. 227) (O)
41. Sh. Nishan Singh
Assistant Reception Officer
Notice Office Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext. 304) (O)
42. Sandee Sh. Sandeep Sharma
Deputy Marshal
W.W.O Branch
0172-2741523 (Ext.405) (O)