Haryana Vidhan Sabha Secretariat

The Vidhan Sabha Secretariat is headed by the Secretary who are assisted in their work by one Additional Secretary, one Joint Secretary, five Deputy Secretaries, five Under Secretaries and one Secretary to Speaker.

The Secretariat functions through the Branches mentioned below :—

(1) Legislation Branch (including Rules Committee, Business Advisory Committee and Committee on Subordinate Legislation.

(2) Questions Branch (dealing with Questions of Members) dealing with Committee on Government Assurances and work relating to Co-ordination of Committee.

(3) Accounts Branch dealing with C.A. & T.A. of Members Telephone facilities, Free travelling facilities to Members, recovery of loans from Members, other facilities to Members and other Bills of M.L.As.

(4) General Branch (including Petitions Committee, General Purposes Committee, Allotment of Jeeps to Members out of defence stock, Gas Connections to Members, Free Travelling facilities to Ex-Members, Identity cards for Members/Ministers/Ex-Members and Correspondence regarding stenographic assistance to Members at District Headquarter). Dealing with EPABX and Committee on Petitions.

(5) Hostel Branch in the MLA’s Hostel (dealing with all matters relating to Hostel/MLAs Flats facilities to Members and House Committee).

(6) Loan and Pension Branch (dealing with Loans and Pension to Members)

(7) Medical Claim Cell, Medical re-imbursement to Members, Ex-Members and staff to this sectt.

(8) Chamber Branch (dealing with the Chamber and purchases & maintenance of vehicle).

(9) Publication Branch (dealing with reporting of proceedings, printing of Debates, Resume etc. etc. and Stationery).

(10) Committee Branch No. 1 (dealing with Estimates Committee).

(11) Committee Branch No. II (dealing with Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes).

(12) Committee Branch No. III (dealing with Public Undertakings Committee).

(13) Public Accounts Committee Branch (dealing with Public Accounts Committee).

(14) Legal Cell.

(15) RTI Cell.

(16) Committee of Privileges.

(17) Payment Cell.

(18) Protocol Cell.

(19) Technical Cell.

(20) Committee on Local Bodies and Panchayati Raj Instutions.

(21) Subject Committee on Public Health, Irrigation, Power and Public works(Buildings & Roads).

(22) Subject Committee on Food & Supplies.

(23) Subject Committee on Social Justice & Empowerment, Woman & Child Development and Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes.

(24) Subject Committee on Education, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Medical Education and Health Services.

(25) Translation Branch.

(26) Establishment Branch.

(27) Bills Branch (dealing with Bills etc. of the Staff).

(28) Notice Office (Receipt and Despatch Section).

(29) Library (including Library Committee).

(30) Research and Reference Cell (including Press Gallery Committee, I.P.A., C.P.A. and I.C.P.S., who’s who of Members and Haryana Vidhan Sabha Secretariat Manual).

(31) Computer Section (To assist in Computerising office work and development of software etc.).

(32) Watch & Ward Officer Branch dealing with Watch & Ward duties, Security arrangements.

(33) Anti Defection Branch (Cases of Anti Defection.)