The discussion on a Bill takes place in a number of stages:

Leave to Introduce

(a) when leave to introduce is asked for; but then the discussion is of a restricted character. Normally no discussion takes place at this stage because the grant of leave is regarded as a formal matter.

Motion for consideration

(b) When the Bill is moved for consideration a general discussion on the principal involved in the Bill takes place. But if the Bill is moved for being referred to a Select Committee discussion does not normally take place unless it is to oppose the motion for reference.

Consideration of the Report of Select Committee

(c) When a Bill is reported by the Select Committee, a general discussion takes place on the motion that the Bill as reported be taken into consideration.

Discussion of clauses

(d) After the motion for consideration has been carried discussion takes place on each clause along with amendments, if any, moved thereto.

Motion for passing

(e) After the clauses have been carried, amended or rejected, the motion moved is that the Bill be passed, and on this motion again discussion takes place, but it is restricted to the mode of application or enforcement of the Bill.