Business Advisory Committee

The Business Advisory Committee consists of seven Members including the Speaker who is the ex-officio Chairperson. The Members are nominated and hold office as such till a new Committee is constituted. The function of this Committee, as its name suggests, is to recommend time allocations for different categories of business before the House as may be referred to it by the Speaker in consultation with the Leader of the House. A report of the Committee which consists mainly of the recommended time-table for Bills or groups of Bills and other Government business is presented to the House by the Speaker and if adopted operates as the time allocation order of the House itself; that is to say, that at the appointed hour in connection with any specified business the Speaker in accordance with such order forthwith puts every question necessary to dispose of all outstanding matters in connection with it.
No variation in the Allocation of Time Order is made except on the request of the Leader of the House who notifies orally to the House that there is general agreement for such variation, and such variation is enforced by the Speaker after taking the sense of the House.