Committee On Petitions

XI. Committee On Petitions

268. Constitution of the Committee. –

There shall be a Committee on Petitions not exceeding seven members nominated by the Speaker.

269. Functions of the Committee. –

(1) The Committee shall examine every petition referred to it, and if the petition complies with these rules, the committee may direct that it be circulated. Where circulation of the petition has not been directed, the Speaker may at any time direct that the petition be circulated.
(2) Circulation of the petition shall be in extension or in summary form as the Committee or the Speaker, as the case may be, may direct.
(3) It shall also be the duty of the Committee to report to the House on specific complaints made in the petition referred to it after taking such evidence as it deems fit and to suggest remedial measures either in a concrete form applicable to the case under review or to prevent such cases in future.
(4) The Committee shall also consider representations, and letters received through any authentic mode of communication from various individuals, associations etc., which are not covered under the following clauses and give directions for their disposal:-
(i) a Bill which has been published under rule 128 or which has been introduced in the House;
(ii) any matter connected with the business pending before the House;
(iii) any matter of general public interest provided that it is not one-

  1. (a) which falls within the congnizance of a Court of Law having jurisdiction in any part of India or a Court of Enquiry or a Statutory Body or a Commission.

(b) which should ordinarily be raised in the Parliament or any other State Legislature;
(c) which can be raised on a substantive motion or resolution; and
(d) for which remedy is available under the law, including rules, regulations, bye-laws made by the Union or State Government or any authority to whom power to make such rules, regulations, etc. is delegated.
Provided that representations which fall in the following categories shall not be considered by the Committee, but shall be filed on receipt in the Secretariat:-
(i) Anonymous letter or letters on which names and/or addresses of senders are not given or are illegible; and
(ii) Endorsement copies of letters addressed to authorities other than the Speaker or the House unless there is a specific request on such a copy praying for redress of the grievance.

270. Term of the Committee.

The term of office of members of the Committee shall not exceed one year.

271. Quorum.

The quorum to constitute a sitting of the Committee shall be three.