Committee on Public Undertakings

The functions of the Committee are to-
(a) examine the reports and accounts of the Public Undertakings specified in Schedule IV and any such other Public undertakings as may be referred to the Committee by the Speaker for examination

(b) examine the reports, if any, of the Comptroller and Auditor General on the Public Undertakings

(c) examine in the context of the autonomy and efficiency of the public Undertakings whether the affaires of the
Public Undertakings are being managed in accordance with sound business principals and prudent commercial practices

(d) exercise such other functions vested in the committee on Public Accounts and the Committee on Estimates in
relation to the Public Undertakings mentioned above as are not covered by clauses (a), (b) and (c) above as may be allotted to the Committee by the Speaker from time to time.

Provided that the Committee shall not examine and investigate any of the following, namely-
(i) matters of major Government policy as distinct from business or commercial functions of Public Undertakings
(ii) matters of day-to-day administration

(iii) matters for the consideration of which machinery is established by any special statute under which a
particular Public Undertakings is established.