General speaking discussions take place in the House in anyone of the following modes:-

1. On the Governor’s Address
2. On the Budget
3. On the Demands for Grants
4. On Resolutions
5. On Bills

Discussion may also take place on :

1. an Adjournment Motion,
2. an No-confidence Motion
3. an Question of Privilege
4. an motion for the removal of the Speaker/Deputy speaker,
5. an motion for the discussion of policy, situation or statement etc.
6. an short duration discussion on a matter of urgent public importance,
but in each of these cases discussion is confined to the matter before the House.

Besides, half-an-hour discussion may take place in a relation to a matter of public importance which has been the subject of a recent question.
Again, a Member, may with the previous permission of the Speaker, call the attention of a Motion to any matter of public importance and the Minister may make a brief statement pertinent thereto.

The procedure for raising these discussions is as stated below