When the Chair intends ordering a division the Principal Secretary operates at his Table a switch which causes electric bells to ring in the Vidhan Bhawan to enable Members, who are within the building but not in the House, to come to the House if they wish to take part in it. Immediately after the bell stop ringing the question is put once again and if the Chair’s opinion is challenged again, the Members are directed to the lobbies. All the outer doors of the lobbies are then closed and the Watch and Ward Staff are posted at each door with the standing instructions that anyone coming in or going out during the course of the division should be prevented from doing so. The Division Clerks in the “Ayes” and “Noes” lobbies mark off on the division lists the numbers of the Members, who call out the same. To insure that his vote has been recorded a Member should not move away from the Division Clerk until he is certain that his vote has been recorded.

After the recording of the vote has been completed, the division lists handed over to the Principal Secretary, who passes them on to the Presiding Officer. He later then announces the result to the House. The division is not complete till the result is announced to the House.

A “Division” is, therefore, a recording of votes by Members in favour of or against a motion in their respective lobbies.