First Reading

A Private Member or a Minister is ordinarily required to ask for leave of the House to introduce a Bill. If leave is granted, it is published in Gazette. But even before introduction, a Bill might, with the permission of the Speaker, be published in the gazette. In such cases no leave to introduce it in the House is necessary and the Bill is straightway introduced.

When the leave is granted and the Bill is introduced or the Bill is introduced after its pre-publication, it brings an end to the first reading of the Bill.

If a motion for leave to introduce a Bill is opposed, the Speaker after permitting, if he thinks fit, a brief explanatory statement form the Member who moves and from the Member who opposes the motion may put the question without further debate:

Provided that where an important measure is offered by a Minister or a Member it is expected that the motion will be negatived, the Speaker may allow full exposition of the character and objects of the Bill by the Minister who moves and the Member who o[opposes the motion, but exposition shall be confined to the principles underlying the Bill. After the leave is granted and the Bill is introduced, it is published in the Gazette for the information