Flats Servants Quarters and Motor Garages

Apart from the Hostel there are 38 flats available for allotment to Members where independent cooking arrangements can be made and out of which 16 newly constructed flats are attached with servant rooms and Motor garages and remaining 22 old flats are attached with quarters and a Motor garages. Such Flats, Servant Quarters and Motor Garages are available in Sector 3 and Sector 4. The Monthly rent of each Flat of Haryana is Rs. 200/- (Exclusive of water and electricity charges). The monthly charge of each Servant Quarter and Motor Garage is Rs. 50/- and Rs. 50/-, respectively. The monthly rent of each Flat, Servant quarter and Motor Garages of U.T., Chandigarh is Rs. 200/-, Rs.50/- and Rs.50/-respectively.

Out of the total Flats, Servant Quarters and Motor Garages 75% are allotted by the House Committee by draw of lots and remaining 25% are allotted by the Speaker at his own discretion.

The Hostel and the Flats are at a short distance from the Vidhan Bhawan, but omnibuses of Haryana Roadways are made available for transport during Session days from the Hostel to the Vidhan Bhawan and then again after the conclusion of the sitting from the Vidhan Bhawan to the Hostel.