Form of Resolution

A resolution may be in the form of a decoration of opinion, or a recommendation; or may be in the form so as to record either approval or disapproval by the House of an act or policy of Government, or convey a message; or commend, urge or request an action; or call attention to a matter of situation for consideration by Government; or in such other form as the Speaker may consider appropriate. It should be clearly and precisely expressed and should raise substantially one definite issue. It should not contain arguments, inferences, ironical expressions or defamatory statements, it should not refer to the conduct or character of person except in their official or public capacity and it should not relate to any matter which is not primarily the concern of the State Government or even to the matter which is under adjudication by a court of Law having jurisdiction in any part of India.

There is no limit to the number of notices of Resolutions which may be given. But no resolution put on the Other Paper unless it is balloted.