Free Travel Facilities

(a) Every member or out side India (including Members of his family) shall be entitled to travel in India or out side India by any mode of transport i.e. any conveyance including private taxi and the expenses incurred on such journey shall be reimbursed to the member on furnishing a mere statement with regard to utilization of money subject to a maximum of three lac rupees per annum. The statement shall be furnished in the following manner :—

Certified that I ________________________________have spent an amount of Rs. _________________ for availing of the Free Travel Facility by me and my attendant/my spouse/my legally adopted child/children/my legitimate child/children/my parents/my widowed daughter (s) residing with me and wholly dependent upon me who have actually undertaken journey by air/road/rail/taxi/own car, from __________to ___________________ (name of place) from____________to ____________(period).

The definition of family and mode of transport is as under :—

‘family’ means the wife or the husband, as the case may be, of a Member his legally adopted children, his legitimate children, his parents and his widowed daughter (s) residing with him and wholly dependent upon him{and includes any other person accompanying him to look after and assist him;

‘mode of transport’ means any conveyance including private taxi.

(b) Two free non-transferable passes which shall entitle him and his wife or any other person accompanying him to travel at any time by any public service vehicle of Haryana State Transport Undertaking including air conditioned Coach;

(c) One free non-transferable pass which shall entitle him to travel at any time within the State of Haryana or the Union Territory of Chandigarh by any public service vehicle of the Pepsu Road Transport Corporation:

(d) The free passes issued to a Member under (b) and (c) shall be valid for the term of his office and on the expiration of such term, such passes shall be surrendered by him to the Secretary of the Assembly;

(e) Nothing in this section shall be construed as disentitling a Member to any travelling allowance to which he is otherwise entitled under the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under.

12. Submission of claim by Members and mode of payment