General Purposes Committee

VII. General Purposes Committee

260. Constitution of General Purposes Committee. –

There shall be a General Purposes Committee consisting of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, members of the Panel of Chairpersons, Chairpersons of all Committees of the Assembly, Leaders of recognized parties and groups in the Assembly and such other members as may be nominated by the Speaker.

261. Chairperson of the Committee. –

The Speaker shall be the ex-officio Chairperson of the Committee.

262. Functions of Committee. –

The functions of the Committee shall be to consider and advise on such matters concerning the affairs of the House as may be referred to it by the Speaker from time to time.

263. Provisions applicable in other respects. –

In other respects, the general rules applicable to the Committees of the Assembly as given under part I of this Chapter shall apply with such adaptations, whether by way of modification, addition or omission, as the Speaker may consider necessary or convenient.