Half-an-hour discussion

Half-an-hour discussion may take place with the consent of the Speaker in relation to a matter of sufficient public importance which has been subject of a recent question oral or written i.e. Starred or Unstarred, and the answer to which needs further elucidation on a matter of fact.

Notice for raising such a discussion has to be given to the Secretary briefly specifying the point or points sought to be raised, and it has to be accompanied by an explanatory note starting the reasons for discussion. Such a notice is also required to be supported by the signatures of at least two Members.

Discussion, if permitted takes place after the hour of interruptiono0r earlier if the business for the day is completed earlier.

No voting takes place at the end of the discussion.

If more than two notices are received and admitted by the Speaker, a ballot is held to determine which two shall be set down for discussion, and out of these two, the notice received first in the point of time is placed first.