Halting Allowance

A Member is entitled to Halting Allowance at the rate of rupees two thousand per day maximum 15 days in a month for each day maximum 15 days in a month of attendance at a meeting of the Assembly or Committee or in respect of journeys undertaken under the orders of the Speaker for any other business anywhere connected with his duties as a Member:

Provided that if a Member has been ordered to absent himself from a meeting or meetings of the Assembly under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Haryana Legislative Assembly for the time being inforce, he shall not be entitled for such period of absence to the allowance :

Provided further that a Member shall also be entitled to halting allowance:—

(1) Where he arrives for attending a meeting of the Assembly one or two days earlier to the date of such meeting, or departs from the place of such meeting one or two days immediately after the date on which the Assembly is adjourned sine-die, for such one or two days, as the case may be, of arrival and departure; and

(2) “Every Member is entitled to hire accommodation while on tour to other States as a Member of the Committee of Haryana Vidhan Sabha and claim reimbursement subject to the submission of bills up to Rs. 5,000/- per day:

Provided that a member, who is entitled to stay the Haryana Bhawan or any other Rest House/Guest House maintained by the Government or its department or Public Sector Undertaking/Agencies wholly or substantially found or controlled by the Government of Haryana, while on tour in National Capital Territory,Delhi,shall before availing the accommodation charges offerd under this clause produce a Non Availability Certificate from the competent authority whith reference to any/ all such facilities including Haryana Bhawan:

Provided further that reimbursement of Hotel/Guest House charge shall only be admissible when the journey on tour involves overnight stay at destinations(s):’’