Identity Cards for Members/Ex-Members

Identity cards are issued by the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat to each Member for the purpose of identification. Members are requested to keep these cards carefully in their personal custody and in case of loss, report it immediately to this Secretariat, as also a F.I.R. be lodged in the nearest Police Station. Normally, it is not necessary for Members to show their identity cards to the Watch and Ward Staff on duty at the Vidhan Sabha Chamber; but it will be appreciated that it takes a little time for the staff to know the new Members and, therefore, for some time it is desirable in the interests of the Members themselves to show their identity cards when requested to do so.

These cards are required to be returned to the Secretary, when a Member ceases to be a Member of the Vidhan Sabha. However, separate identity card is issued to the Ex-Member by the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat.