Incidental Allowance

An incidental allowance is paid to a Member at the rate of Nine rupees and both for the day of departure from and for the day of arrival at his usual place of residence to attend a meeting and return there to after the meeting.

Explanation: — A break of less than four days between two successive meetings of the Assembly or Committee shall be deemed to be a day or days of attendance for a Member who does not leave the place of the meeting during such break :

Provided that nothing in this section shall entitle any Member to any Travelling or Halting Allowance if such person ordinarily resides or carries on business at any place within five miles of the place at which his attendance is required in connection with his duties as member.

(2) Nothing in sub-section (1) shall debar a Member from claiming Halting Allowance under that sub-section for the day of the meeting merely on the ground that the meeting was adjourned for want of quorum or cancelled for any reason whatsoever, if the member came to know of such adjournment or cancellation after arriving at the place of the meeting.