Subject to such conditions as have been prescribed in the Haryana Legislative Assembly (Allowances and Pension of Members) Act, 1975 (as amended upto date) every person who, after the commencement of the Constitution of India :—

(a) has been a Member of —

(i) the Haryana Legislative Assembly

(ii) the Punjab Legislative Assembly

(iii) the Punjab Legislative Council

(iv) the Legislative Assembly of the erstwhile State of Patiala and East Punjab States Union; or

(v) Partly as a Member of the one and partly as a Member of the other;
Representing any of the territories of the State of Haryana as formed by section 3 of the Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966 and who is ordinarily resident of the said territories;

(b) has served as Chief Minister, Minister, Speaker, Minister of State, Deputy Minister, Deputy Speaker, Chief Parliamentary Secretary or Parliamentary Secretary –

Every person shall be paid a pension of ten thousand rupees * D.P. 50% + D.A. admissible per mensem if he has served as a Member for a period of not exceeding five years and an additional pension of one thousand five hundred rupees per mensem for every additional year or part thereof exceeding a period of five years and if the period of the first membership falls less than the term of five years of the Assembly, it will be treated as full period of five years for the purpose of pension.

Provided that family pension shall be admissible, as may be prescribed, to surviving spouse and after his or her death to the children (up to the age of eighteen years) of members who had been drawing pension under this Act. (Vide Ordinance No. 11 of 2010 enforced w.e.f. 7-9-2010.).

Every person, who draws pension or family pension or is entitled to draw the same shall, in addition to the pension or family pension, as the case may be, shall be paid dearness allowance on pension, as is admissible to other Pensioners of the State Government under the Act (vide Act No. 5 of 1999).