Removal of Speaker/Deputy Speaker

Article 179(c) of constitution provides that a member holding office as a Speaker or Deputy Speaker of an Assembly may be removed form his office by a resolution of the Assembly passed by a majority of all the then Members of the Assembly

Provided that no resolution for the purpose shall be moved unless at least fourteen days’ notice has been given of the intention to move the resolution. Rule 11 of the Assembly Rules provides that:-

Rule 11

(1) As soon as may be after the receipt of notice of a resolution to remove the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker from his office under Article 179 (c) of the Constitution, the Speaker shall read the notice to the Assembly and shall then request Members who are in favor of leave being granted to move the resolution to rise in their places and if not less than 23 Members rise accordingly, the Speaker shall allow the resolution to be moved.

(2) As soon as may be after leave is given, a copy of the resolution shall be forwarded to the Leader of the House who shall find time for its discussion, and the motion shall be taken up on the day fixed by the Leader of the House for the purpose.

The resolution is discussed on such day time as may be fixed for the purpose by the Leader of the House or on the report of the Business Advisory Committee adopted by the House. On the day so fixed the resolution is taken up after questions hour. Subject to the provisions of Article 181 of Constitution, the Speaker, or the Deputy Speaker or such other person as is referred to in clause (2) of Article 180, presides when a resolution for the removal of the Speaker or Deputy Speaker is taken for consideration.