Speeches etc., delivered by the Members and Reports of Debates and Committees

A typed or written copy of every speech delivered, observation made or supplementary question put in language (Hindi, Punjabi or English) used by a Member and taken down by the official Reporters is sent to the Member concerned in Hindi, Punjabi (Hindi script) or English for making, if necessary, minor verbal corrections. This copy is required to be returned to the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat within 72 hours, when delivered during the Session, and within 15 days when sent by post. If, however, it is not returned within the stipulated time the Reporter’s copy is utilized for the printing of the debate and no correction thereafter is accepted.

Printed copies of the debates are, as and when ready, supplied to all Members free of cost. Similarly, copies of Reports of Committees of the Vidhan Sabha, after these have been presented to the House, are supplied to the Members free of cost.