During the days of the meetings of the Vidhan Sabha each Member is supplied free of cost a pencil and a slip book.

Embossed note papers and envelopes with the inscription “Member, Haryana Vidhan Sabha” are available in the Publication Branch against cash payment. The rates for the different kind of embossed stationery are as given below :—

(i)D.O. pads of 100 sheets (Small size) Rs. 85.00 per pad English & Hindi.
(ii)D.O. pads of 100 sheets (Medium Size)Rs. 41 per pad English & Hindi.
(iii)D.O. Envelops Rs. 0.88 per Envelope.
These rates are fixed by the Controller, Printing and Stationery, Haryana, depending on the cost of paper and printing and are, therefore, subject to change from time to time.