Subject Committee On Public Health,Irrigation,Power and public works (Buildings & Roads)

XIII. Subject Committee On Public Health,Irrigation,Power and Public Works (Buildings & Roads)

274. Constitution of the Subject Committee:-

(1) There shall be a Committee to be called the Subject Committee on Public Health, Irrigation, Power and Public Works (Buildings & Roads) consisting of not more than nine members to be nominated by the Speaker:
(2) The term of office of the Members of the Committee shall be one year.

275. Functions of the Committee.:-

(1) The functions of the Committee shall be-
(i) to scrutinize the demands for grants;
(ii) to examine the working of these departments and to suggest measures for improvement in administration and in different programmes/schemes/projects;
(iii) to examine legislation;
(iv) to advise Government on a question of policy or legislation on which Government may consult a Committee;
(v) to discuss generally and formulate views on-
(a) State’s Five Year Plan Programmes relating to these departments and their implementation;
(b) Reports of Public Undertakings under these departments;
(c) Reports of any statutory or other body, including any Commission of Inquiry, which are laid before the House relating to these departments; and
d) Annual Performance Reports of these departments .
. (2) The Subject Committee shall not examine or investigate matters of day-to-day administration.