Supplementary, Additional, Excess and Exceptional grants and Votes of Credit

When the expenditure for a particular service for the current financial year is found to be insufficient for the purpose of that year or when a need arisen during the current financial year for Supplementary or additional expenditure upon some new service not completed in the annual financial statement for that year the Governor causes the Supplementary estimates/Grants to be laid before the House.

It is practice and provide in the internal Working Rules of the Committee on Estimates that before the Supplementary Estimates are presented to the House, the same are examined by the committee on Estimates. The Report of the Committee on Estimates is presented to the House by the Chairperson of the Committee immediately after the presentation of such Supplementary Estimates by the Finance Minister.

Supplementary, Additional, Excess and Exceptional Grants and Votes of Credit are regulated by the same procedure as that applicable to the demands for grants with such modifications as the Speaker may deem necessary. But the debate on these grants or votes has to be confined to the items constituting the same, and no discussion may be raised on the policy underlying them except to the extent necessary to explain or illustrate the particular items under discussion.