Supply of Assembly Papers to Members

The following papers relating to the business of the House are circulated to the Members in advance either by placing them in their seats in the Chamber if the House happens to be sitting or by sending them to their local addresses, as registered in the receipt and dispatch section, and copies are not again supplied to them in the House:-

(l) List of Business

(II) List of Starred and Unstarred Questions

(lll) Bills as introduced in the House

(lV) Copies of Ordinances, if any, promulgated during the intersession periods

(V) Reports of Select Committees on Bills

(VI) Notices of Motions

(VII) Notices of amendments to Bills, Resolutions and motions

(VIII) Notices of motions for reduction of grants

(IX) Reports of Committees of the Vidhan Sabha after their presentation to the House.

Notices of questions and resolutions which are received in Hindi are translated in to English and lists of questions are circulated in the English language as also in Hindi.

Members are required to preserve copies of Bills and other papers which have been circulated to them and to bring them for use in the House on the day or days when the relevant business is going to be taken up. A few sets of all such papers are also left with the Chamber Assistant form whom these may be obtained for consultation by any Member who may have forgotten to bring his own papers with him.

Copies of Bills pending before the House previous session or sessions and which have already been made available to members may be obtained by Members who have not got copies of such Bills readily available with them from the Chamber Assistant on request.