Telephone Allowance

(i) Every Member is provided with a Telephone at the expense of the State Government at his option, either at his permanent place of residence or at Chandigarh or if for any reason such facility can not be provided at such place, at any other place, specified by the Member.

(ii) A Member provided with a “ telephone and one mobile phone” under Para (1) shall be paid an allowance of ‘rupees fifteen thousand’ per mensem or as may be prescribed.

(iii) Telephone connections from the EPABX have also been provided in each Room in the MLAs Hostel. An amount of Rs. five is only charged per day towards local calls.

Explanation :— For the purposes of (i) & (ii) a Member shall include the Chief Minster, a Minister, a Minister of State, a Deputy Minister, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, the Chief Parliamentary Secretary and a Parliamentary Secretary.

*Liability to pay income tax:- The members Salaries/Allowances shall be exclusive of the tax payable in respect thereof under any law relating to income tax for other time being in force, and such tax shall be born by the State Government.