Whether limit is prescribed on number of notices of Questions

Under the Rules no limit is prescribed on the number of notices of Starred Question which a member may send. According to practice, however, the number of such notices from any one Member, which dealt with in the Vidhan Sabha Secretariat is approximately one and halftimes the total numbers of questions that can be included in the list of questions for the probable sitting of the House because for any one sitting not more than two Starred Questions of any one member are included in the Order Paper. In other words if the total number of such sitting is, say ten, then, the total number of questions form any one Member which are considered is about 30 even though a member may have sent notices of a very much larger number of questions.

The notices of admitted Starred Questions, which can not be included in any list of Questions during a Session and notices of questions which are dealt with and are kept pending (not being in time) lapse on the prorogation of the Vidhan Sabha. However, the members concerned may, if they so choose, renew them for the next Session or send fresh notices by revising them, if considered necessary.