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Motions and Resolutions


Sr. No.


Resolution Moved By

Resolution Passed on Dated


Regarding construction of SYL.

Chief Minister

14th March, 2002


Regarding bifurcation of the Punjab & Haryana High Court and creation of separate High Court for the State of Haryana.

Chief Minister

14th March, 2002


Regarding Inability of the State Government to implement to the recommendation the First National Judicial Pay Commission.

Finance Minister

31st October, 2002


Regarding Implementation of the recommendation of the First National Judicial Pay Commission (Known as Shetty Commission).

Finance Minister

10th March, 2003


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Rules Committee

IV. Rules Committee

<h3>239. Functions of Rules Committee.</h3>

– There shall be a Committee on Rules to consider matters of procedure and conduct of business in the House and to recommend any amendments or additions to these rules that may be deemed necessary.

<h3>240. Constitution of Committee.</h3>

– The Committee on Rules shall be nominated by the Speaker and shall consist of not more than eight members including the Speaker who shall be its ex-officio Chairperson.

<h3>241. Term of Office of Committee.</h3>

– The Committee shall hold office for such period as the Speaker may specify or until a new Committee is nominated.

<h3>242. Laying of Report on the Table. -</h3>

(1) The recommendations of the Committee shall be laid on the Table and within a period of three days beginning with the day on which they are so laid,

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Chief Engineer BODHI Bhopal
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